Why Values matter

Values are not an optional addition to your organisation – it’s just about who and what you are

Culture is the mask we choose to wear – it is the about how we see ourselves as individuals and what ideas, customs, and social behaviour we choose to identify with. When you think of a country or an organisation you often associate it with certain values – those are the fundamental principles and ethics that give it a discernible identity. Governing Values are how a country or an organisation chooses to be seen. These Values matter......

Diversity, humanity, community - shared Values

Recognise different personal cultures producing a common set of morals, ethics and principles which govern behaviour and are fundamental to the success of a nation or of an organisation

Social cohesion

Work towards the well-being of all of society's members, fight exclusion and marginalisation, create a sense of belonging, promote sustainability and offer everyone the opportunity for advancement

Leadership and Trust

Help build trust and confidence in government and leadership through cler values accountability and transparency