Discrimination has a ripple effect, just like a raindrop hitting the water

The raindrop looks harmless but it has an impact which effects the whole water surface. That is why it is important to understand the effect discrimination can have on your business.


Discrimination is insidious, it sneaks into how you do things. It can be embedded in a policy or in the way you handle complaints or customer requests. It can be automated in a computer programme and it can even be seen in how your people behave.It can damage your image how you deliver goods and services, how you communicate and consult and how you buy and sell.

Discrimination results in inequalities and to protect your organisation from its effect, you need to look at what you do in a different light. Not to pigeon-hole equality as an HR issue, but as an issue that can affect your entire organisation.


Using an equality framework provides you with a template for action. The Embrace framework is based on international benchmarks. It uses narratives to guide your workforce through key areas of operations helping them to understand the issues and recognise the risks. It embeds equality within the organisational structure.


The end result of the process is a trained and aware workforce and an equality route map that can be maintained and further developed by your own staff….not outside consultants. A way forward based on analysis of what you do and on how your performance could be improved and the risks reduced.