Our work in Africa

Embrace Africa Ltd was founded to respond to the needs of African countries aspiring to transformation in governance by embedding the principles of equality, diversity and cohesion throughout the administration of the public sector.

Embrace is a provider of innovative multi-disciplinary consultancy and learning solutions. The Embrace Team has considerable experience and an impressive track record of working with many organizations both in the private and public sector, nationally and globally. It offers a unique wide range of expertise with a global team of inspirational and dynamic trainers, expert consultants, accomplished researchers, creative learning designers and partner companies. Together this provides a one stop solution to addressing discrimination marginalisation and the interests of minorities in the work place. Embedding sustainable, measurable systems, bespoke to the Constitution and legislation of each nation we work with, the results and outcomes change behavior and attitudes over time, translating into human capital benefit and more robust governance structures.

Against this background Embrace embarked on a process of developing solutions that addressed the needs of marginalized and vulnerable people to support governments, and helped public and private sectors and civil society to integrate principles of equality and inclusion in working processes.

Fundamental to the Embrace philosophy is capacity building and the transfer of skills; recognizing that systems alone will not bring about sustainable change. Through the creation of a home-grown sector of equality practitioners and experts, local expertise is created to address on the ground equality issues and deliver country-specific solutions.