Our skills

Our team members have worked extensively in an international context and are experienced in delivering independent projects in different countries, cultures and societies. The team has strong language and communication skills and is sensitive to cultural awareness issues.

This experience, together with a flexible and positive approach, equips the Embrace International team with the ability to deliver. Good communication, research and the talent to listen, question and understand enables the team to distil the issues that really count and devise appropriate solutions. We concentrate on delivering solutions that deliver measurable outcomes that demonstrate change, that can be monitored over time and that can be automated – be assured the team has the necessary ITC skills to help deliver make that a simple reality.

International experience

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Our team members have worked extensively in an international context and are experienced in delivering independent projects in different countries including:

  • Collaborative research programmes with European partners in seven European countries through Equal
  • Collaborative working with Rainbow coalition in the US through Equanomics
  • Management of launch of international versions of leading pan-Arab news publications, direction and co-ordination of international advertising sales teams
  • Pioneer of specialist international publication in collaboration with the Ministry of Information in Kenya
  • ICT projects in Lesotho, Botswana, Bangladesh and Malawi


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We aim to make effective use of ICT subject to the capacity of client organisations and the operational context within which they operate.

We have experience in modern communication and collaboration tools to support efficient and effective projects across long distances to support local teams on the ground.

We also integrate our equality solutions into a framework of business systems to ensure that those equality solutions are implemented in practice and that reliable, objective data on performance is captured and available for audit and quality assurance purposes.

We complement these ICT technical skills with information management and governance and data security expertise to ensure we establish and maintain high standards in client organisations.

Equality solutions

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Our team has worked at national and local level on cohesion, inclusion and equality strategy, policy and programme development including:

  • Development of Equality Standard for partnership of UK Equality Commissions , Local Government Association and the Audit Commission
  • Membership of Prime Minister’s Task Force on Race Equality in the Workplace
  • Advisor to Government Commission to develop Gender Equality Indicator for business
  • Advisor to the Work Foundation on race equality
  • Advisor to Commission for Race Equality and Home Office following tensions in northern UK cities
  • Consultation with Government Equalities Office on the development of the Equality Act
  • Development of equality programmes for a number of regulatory bodies in the UK
  • Development of equality policies and change strategies to meet public equality duties in the public sector