Shane Murphy

Information Security Expert

Shane provides Embrace with a strong focus on information managenment and the importance of security and confidentiality. His extensive background in compliance and contract management ensures that Embrace has a robust approach to the quality and reliability of the systems it implements and the quality of data they hold. Auditabilty, accountability, confidence and trust are fundamental to ensure the effectiveness of our equality programmes.


Shane is a leading Information Governance and Information Security expert with extensive public sector experience. His expertise in compliance, allied to wide-ranging experience in service management, contract management, and procurement ensures that Embrace is able to provide effective services and solutions which incorporate high standards of information management and security.

In his extensive career Shane has:

Been retained as Information Consultant to various Ministries of the Government of Lesotho and introduced and designed an Information Security Management System to ISO27001 standards

Undertaken liaison with EU officials and Irish Ambassador in relation to ICT development in Lesotho

Successfully project managed Information Governance toolkit assessments for NHS Foundation Trusts and data mapping exercises from 2005 to 2012 drafted data sharing agreements for various NHS Trusts and their partners

Liaised with NHS Trust business partners and ICT suppliers on importance of Information Governance on a business and technical perspective

Worked with the Head of Legal Services, at Tower Hamlets Council to develop and amend the Pan London Information Sharing Protocol

Provided consultancy and advice on ICT compliance and security for e-Government CRM project.

Developed Caldicott procedures and protocols for Social Services

Been responsible for managing all ICT related contracts for a budget of £11 million at Tower Hamlets Council. Including the externally sourced ICT development programme and successful procurement of a new network

Applied his negotiation skills with external ICT suppliers to achieve multi-million pound savings for Tower Hamlets Council

Successfully managed Council’s IT Best Value review to provide benchmarks for renegotiating the Council’s existing IT contracts

In 1997 Shane was awarded a Local Government IT Excellence Highly Commended Award for Software Management

Managed data protection compliance for Access, The Joint Credit Card Company in UK and Republic of Ireland