Jock Chalmers

Director of Equality Standards and Practice

Jock is lead author of Equality Embrace programmes and processes focussing on knowledge transfer and encouraging the development of local professional equality sectors to deliver and manage the equality programmes.


Jock has a public and private sector background spanning some 30 years, with over 10 years’ experience of setting-up and managing non-departmental public bodies.

Jock is highly experienced in all areas of operations and has developed and implemented a number of organisation wide policies and strategies to meet specific public sector duties and address issues of equality and diversity.

Jock has headed up redevelopment and change projects, both in terms of major rebuilds and refurbishments and the merger of several regulators and is well used to developing, running and forecasting budgets and planning programmes.

Jock played a major role in the merger of Office of the Gas Regulator and the Office of the Electricity regulator, including negotiating substantial savings on the relocation to a new site in Milbank, London and is a strong proponent of inclusion in the built environment.

Working with a number of charities Jock has delivered a wide range of projects and has worked closely with several disability charities over a number of years providing access into the arts and theatre. Jock is a qualified Access Auditor and has recently worked on the “London beyond Sight” project which was launched to meet the opening date of the London Olympics.

Jock authored and led the team that successfully formulated the UK Council for Access and Equality Pathway which helps organisations embed inclusion into the workplace. This offered a straightforward and practical approach, delivered on-line, which provided a number of benefits to the public, private sector and politicians looking for useful and practical ways to support equality. The Pathway required collaborative working between the private, public and 3rd (charitable) sectors and Jock both developed and headed-up that programme and the 2-year consultation process.

Jock is passionate about inclusion in all its forms and is a strong champion of knowledge transfer through bottom-up learning, together with management focus and leadership. He has worked with a number of on-line training organisations to develop commercial products.
Jock’s expertise lies in understanding management processes, change management programmes, scheme designs to produce desired outcomes and process realignment both in both the public and private sector.