Our focus

We focus on supporting social cohesion through the practical application of equality and diversity principles. Our approach is based on taking national aspirations as expressed in a Constitution, international commitments and domestic legislation and bringing them into effect.

We aim to help organisations understand their responsibilities and obligations and to assist them to not only achieve a level of measurable compliance but to go further and contribute to the well-being of their workforce, community and nation by an enlightened and positive engagement with equality and diversity.

Our programmes look to the individual – they do not rely on simply writing a policy – they are about change.At the heart of our programmes are people because people discriminate, whether knowingly or not. They carry their prejudices and opinions with them. And that is at the core of many equality issues.
People create the policies or deliver the services and the power they hold can give a real destructive force to their prejudices, preconceptions and ignorance. They key to building equality, and our focus, is therefore in challenging and changing those prejudices and opinions which lead to discrimination and marginalisation.

We do this through a variety of tools and frameworks which embed the skills and knowledge within the workforce to identify and mitigate the risk of discrimination, to make that knowledge recognised and transportable so it has a worth. We believe in allowing people the freedom to learn and explore the topics and equality principles which brings a greater appreciation and understanding of discrimination and marginalisation by providing learning frameworks and information libraries. By using frameworks to guide and support users through the process of examining what they do, we help them identify potential issues or problems and reduce the risk to the benefit of the organisation.

To create the tools and systems that will help eliminate discrimination and marginalisation

To build learning frameworks that will educate and up-skill individuals to eradicate intolerance and prejudice