Not an add-on

Equality is not an add-on, something that you can add to your shopping cart when it grabs your fancy - it is a fundamental right and should be at the core of your business ethics.

An inclusive society is one where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, where your freedoms and rights to non-discrimination are guaranteed, one where everyone has the same chances and opportunities and one where there is less conflict and insecurity. Most countries strive to achieve those goals and it should be no different for any business.
There are many different companies and organisations, both public and private sector, that are employers, and providers of goods and services. Each has different missions and aims. But one thing that unites them all is that they take pride and publicise themselves, they want to maximise their profits or deliver the best quality services and even produce goods that people want and value.
So it makes no sense to put people off by making your business less attractive, less trustworthy, less friendly or even exclude certain groups which simply hit the bottom line. That is why most businesses already engage with equality and diversity. But how you do it could always be improved. And that is where frameworks come in……….they simply help you do it better……..they help you make sure you have all the bases covered.